There are also the darker tones of ‘Divided By Thoughts’, the celebration of freedom encapsulated by ‘One People’ and the astonishingly emotive, stripped back ‘Homeless And Free’, which arguably summarises FETSUM’s personal goals and ideals most potently, and also includes recordings of an impromptu church mass recorded in Sierra Leone. But the themes addressed throughout THE COLORS OF HOPE are equally as important as the music, and they’re also undeniably universal, whether they be issues of equality, as examined in ‘One People’ and ‘Divided By Thoughts‘, the true romance of ‘Queen Of My Heart’, or the spiritual aspects of his life, which he discusses in songs like ‘Say Who You Are’ and ‘Waitin’ For You’. The reggae-tinged ‘Emotional Android’ meanwhile considers the injustices of the capitalist system, but the one thing all these have in common is that they represent a sense of idealism that lies deep within FETSUM’s heart, something expressed on a record that manages to be all-embracing and personal, smooth but never slick, sometimes sorrowful and yet always optimistic. Remarkable as it may seem, FETSUM has succeeded in boiling down his unique experiences to elements that offer hope, joy and comfort. Music like this can only emerge from a soul that is articulate, candid and inquisitive, and these are THE COLORS OF HOPE.

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